Temme // Obermeier Membrane façade profiles

Temme // Obermeier has developed a wide range of profiles for membrane façades suitable for practically every project.


The individual profiles must:

  • be adaptable to fit different panel sizes
  • be able to withstand membrane stresses from high wind forces
  • be able to transfer loads to the sub-structure with low deflection
  • be relatively shallow in terms of depth and height
  • be available as narrow joints for aesthetic and economic reasons
  • be barely visible from outside for aesthetic reasons

Our profile systems are made of extruded aluminum where the visible surfaces are anodized. Powder coated profiles are available upon request.

Our extensive range of service in membrane façade profiles

  • Provision of standard profiles up to 6m length
  • Provision of customized profiles according to your plans
  • Delivery and assembly of customized and precasted frames
  • Approvable complete static calculation of the profile