Shopping Center SCA, Salzburg, Austria

PTFE/glass facade

Technical / General information:

Membrane design: PTFE/glass
Dimensions/sqm: 4.700
Architect: LOVE architecture & urbanism ZT GmbH
Client: SCA Immobilien GmbH
Membrane Assembly: May 2014 - July 2015



The form and the surface of the façade of the new shopping centre in Salzburg, Alpenstrasse, commemorates a large “gift”, - something wrapped, exciting which is worth being discovered: – an attraction. Due to this unique extraordinary symbolism, the characteristics of the shopping centre are visible to the customer over a long distance and in a seductive manner. Diversity, excitement, entertainment, choice -, shortly: shopping and entertainment.

Temme // Obermeier met the challenge to realize flat, large PTFE/glass fields with areas up to 275 m². Complex 3D scans of the façade were necessary to position the fixations of the steel substructure at the multiply inclined façade surface to millimetric accuracy. With a distance of only 160 mm between membrane surface and insulation, a sophisticated steel substructure as well as membrane connections and wind suction elements were realised.

With polished stainless steel strips as ribbons, the snow-white façade is shining as a clear and positive “landmark” in Alpenstrasse - one of the most important access roads to the city of Salzburg - a gateway to the city.