Temme // Obermeier - Experts for Membrane Buildings

There are only a few specialists in membrane construction who know how to master the material. Temme // Obermeier ranks among them with more than 30 years of practical experience in the areas of roofing, booth building and facade construction. Since then, we have very closely followed how materials have developed, have studied how they are used and have constantly set new standards regarding their applications. The synergy of our competences is what makes up the uniqueness of Temme // Obermeier. We know the exact requirements of the industry. Demonstrating excellence in this area is what drives us and our employees – in realizing spectacular projects such as Inzell’s speed-skating rink, Raisting’s radome, the bus station of Königsbrunn or the adidas headquarter in Herzogenaurach.

Managing Partners

Dr. Axel Dölle and Hans-Dieter Lochmann support the Managing Director, Frank Schrödel, in the strategic direction of Temme // Obermeier. With their concentrated experience in architecture and management consulting the two managing shareholders are directly involved in the company.