Mall of Switzerland, Ebikon, Switzerland

Single layer ETFE foil facade & steel structure

Technical / general information:

Structure: ETFE- Foil facade single layer & steel structure
Size / sqm: 9.300
Architects: Burkhardt & Partner
Principal: Halter AG, Zürich
Installation: membrane from March to Juny 2017

Project description

ETFE foil - the magic word in today's architecture and what is ultimately implemented masterfully with Temme // Obermeier in Switzerland. Single-ply constructions are not only possible with coated textiles, but also with a single-ply and pre-tensioned ETFE film.

Temme // Obermeier has developed an almost perfect system with its ARGE partner Biedenkapp Stahlbau and the planer BfL to realize this 9,300 m² architectural dream at the Mall of Switzerland. Consisting of more than 80 panels, each has a width of up to 7.50 m and a height of approx.17.00 m. They all together form a huge white facade - as from one cast - divided only by fine vertical lines.

After carefully planning and from many previous tests on the building, the façade has now been installed in a record time of just under 40 days. At the opening in the late summer of this year it will be enchanting the client and the customers.

Illuminating the facade of Temme // Obermeier at night in a dimmed white, the shopping center becomes the attraction for all the experience-shopping enthusiasts.

Projectbrochure: link