Donau Zentrum, Vienna, Austria

Air cushion facade made of printed ETFE foil

Technical / General information:

Membrane design: Facade, pneumatic ETFE design (two-ply, printed)
Dimensions/sqm: 535
Architect: Riedl, Vienna / DunnettCraven, London
Client: Unibail-Rodamco Austria
Membrane Assembly: October 2010



The Donauzentrum in Vienna is Austria’s second largest shopping center. The impressive air-cushion facade made of partially transparent and partially printed ETFE foil specially developed by Temme // Obermeier embodies the architectural attraction of the center. LED lights were arranged in a polygon behind the air cushions and the outer foil was printed in white using screen printing. The air-cushion facade made of printed ETFE foil gives the center its unique visual charm: During the day the light passes directly through the cushion and provides for a bright feel-good atmosphere. When night falls, the LED lights draw attention to the spectacular facade.