Temme // Obermeier provides precise and practical information on long-term cleaning and maintenance regimes. Entering into a maintenance agreement ensures that the membrane façade or roof installation is inspected annually. Professional maintenance and prompt delivery of spare parts ensures the optimal running of the system is guaranteed for our clients. This results in overall lower operating costs and the expected useful design life is increased. Advantages of entering into a maintenance agreement include: 

  • Short reaction times
  • Preparation of maintenance reporting documents and certificates
  • Procurement of spare parts
  • Compilation of spare parts list and notification of wear and tear
  • Smooth exchange of components

Building Surveyor and Expert Witness Services

Temme // Obermeier provides practical information on maintenance regimes and long-term programmes for repairs, retrofitting and exchange of membrane panels that are approaching their useful end of life phase. We can also provide details of building surveyors and expert witness.


Membranes coated with fluoropolymers have a low coefficient of friction and generally do not require regular cleaning. However, we recommend cleaning from time to time to preserve the overall appearance and functionality of the membrane components. Temme // Obermeier`s service team provides professional cleaning service designed for each type of membrane.