Repair of membrane structures

Woven fabric and ETFE membranes are very durable materials, however, our experienced maintenance operatives are on hand in the event of damage.

Temme // Obermeier’s maintenance teams are qualified rope access technicians. They can conduct on-site welding or temporary spot repairs of the damaged membrane at relatively short notice. We pride ourselves on providing excellent quality.

By working closely with building operators we can ensure that the functionality of the membrane structure is enhanced and the useful design life is extended. 

The advantages of entering into a service agreement with Temme // Obermeier include:

  • Drawing up of tailor made repair programme
  • Upgrading of system in accordance with the latest technical developments
  • Professional rope access technicians
  • Coordinating interfaces with adjacent works
  • Availability of detailed reports on repair strategy
  • Ability to conduct site surveys upon request