Sedus Stoll AG, Dogern

Silicone glass fabric facade

Technical / General Information:

Membrane design: Facade, silicone glass
Dimensions/sqm: 1,100
Architect: Ludloff + Ludloff
Client: Sedus Stoll AG, Waldshut
Membrane Assembly: June 2009


Fabrics are one of the leading components of modern architecture. When creating the research and development center of Sedus Stoll AGTemme Obermeier set new standards for working with textile materials in the construction of facades. Temme Obermeier developed a silicone glass fabric facade. They used silicone glass fabrics with optimum characteristics: The fabrics provide protection from ultraviolet radiation, wind and rain. They are water-repellent and soil-resistant and perfectly ventilate the special facade coating of Stamisol underneath. Specially for this project Temme Obermeier developed a pragmatic facade system that stands for innovation, research and development – and fits in perfectly with the building.