Main station Chemnitz

ETFE membrane facade

Technical / General Information:

Structure: (inside) PTFE/glass mesh / (outside) ETFE two layers, printed
Size / sqm: 1,800 sqm (inside) / 3,850 sqm (outside)
Architect: Grüntuch Ernst Planungsgesellschaft mbH
Principal: City of Chemnitz
Installation: 2013

Project description

With the renovation of the Chemnitz main station, the local and long-distance traffic is to be merged under one roof and the station is to be redefined as an entrance to the city and an important hub in the urban space. For this purpose, the existing station hall from the 1970s was dismantled down to its supporting structure and opened towards the city in the lower area.

Temme // Obermeier realized the matted, printed ETFE cushion facade, which as an interactive LED media facade projects the movements from the surroundings as light movements onto the facade and is used for impressive light shows. The ETFE cushions with dimensions of up to 23.0 x 3.0 m belong to the largest facade infills of this type. The inner facade of the station hall was clad with aluminum frames with flat-stretched PTFE / glass fabric. This ingenious, retensionable construction is one of the core competencies of our company.