Stanserhorn cable car, Switzerland

Cable-supported ETFE facade

Technical / General informationen:

Membrane design: ETFE-facade, single-ply, cable-supported
Dimensions / sqm: 840
Architect: WasserAchermann Architektur
Client: Stanserhorn-Bahn-Aktiengesellschaft
Membrane Assembly: June 2012


Arriving just in time for the start of the spring season of the cabriolet “Cabrio” double-decker car on Mount Stanserhorn, the valley and summit cable car stations have been replaced by two new buildings.

Concrete, steel and the use ETFE are impressively illustrating the successful interplay of architectural styles between modernity and traditional architecture in Switzerland. Lightweight appearance and highest translucency of the building envelope is shown due to the choice of ETFE for the cable car stations on the mountain setting and surrounded by the trees of the valley forest.

From initial design to project realization, the cable supported single layer structure of station envelopes was developed in close partnership  with Bieri Tenta AG of Switzerland.  These stations demonstrate that ETFE can be employed under the harsh weather conditions that exist at mountain summits when the project detailing and execution have been performed with the highest level craftsmanship.