ETFE is becoming the go-to material for façade technology largely due to its resistance to extreme environmental influences and its impressive sustainability rating. It is impossible to imagine modern façade technology without glass or ETFE membranes. A well designed building can create stunning architectural masterpieces by combining ETFE membranes and simple lighting. Whether as a foil cushion system or a mechanically pre-stressed single layer system, ETFE façades always deliver the most ambitious of architectural visions.

A thoughtfully designed skin can make a new building work more effectively for its owners, occupants and environment. It can also transform the performance of an existing building and equips us to realize even the most ambitious of architectural visions.

Extraordinary shapes, innovative lighting and visual lightness are characteristic of transparent ETFE façade technology. Virtually no other type of construction offers designers such freedom for individuality and design. The flexibility offered by ETFE foils is proving attractive for architects and this type of architecture is increasing in popularity.