SILICONE/GLASS - strong and flexible

Silicone is actually known as a sealant for joints. However, silicone can be used for much more applications – for example for coating high-strength glass fabrics in textile architecture. Silicone is characterized by extreme flexibility and enormous temperature resistance.

Silicone as a coating protects the relatively sensitive glass fiber fabric from moisture and damage by handling during assembly and installation as a whole. The team of Temme // Obermeier has already successfully implemented several projects with this membrane material. In addition to the very high flexibility, the light transmission, which is at a maximum of 30% and can vary depending on the color of the actually transparent coating, is also remarkable. Thus, almost all colors are possible during the coating process.


Like PTFE, silicone/glass is distinguished by its high resistance to environmental influences and, in particular, to UV light. Silicone-coated glass fabrics are also very durable but have to be cleaned regularly, with the coating technology also making further progress. Apart from this, this material can be used for high-quality roofs with a service life of more than 30 years. 

A silicone/glass fabric is therefore always used when, in addition to the very high requirement of tensile strength, a high resistance to bending, folding and a relatively high light transmission are required.