SIMAC, Svendborg Dänemark

ETFE foil cushion roof

Technical / General information:

Membrane design: ETFE Folienkissendach
Dimensions/sqm: 1,100
Planner: CF Møeller Architects
Client: Fonden Svendborg Maritime Uddannelsescenter
Contractor: MT Hojgaard Danmark A/S
Membrane Completion: February 2023


Project Description

Temme // Obermeier installed the beautiful membrane roof at Svendborg Harbour, Denmark. During the winter months a temporary PVC roof was erected to ensure that the building was watertight so that adjacent works could be carried out. We replaced this roof with the transparent ETFE roof - the light-flooded atrium creates a welcoming atmosphere. The ETFE foil roof consists of 16 square "cushions" in keeping with Scandinavian architectural style: clean, elegant and modern.

We are looking forward to the opening of the International Maritime Academy (SIMAC) in Svendborg and cannot wait for visitors to get to enjoy the building.