Speed-skating rink, Inzell

Silicone/glass suspended ceiling

Technical / General information:

Membrane design: Suspended ceiling, silicone/glass / Roof lights, pneumatic ETFE design (three-ply)
Dimensions / sqm: 20.800 / 1.050
Architect: Consortium Behnisch & Pohl Architekten
Client: Community of Inzell
Membrane Assembly: November 2010


All those involved in constructing the roof of the speed-skating rink of Inzell were pursuing an ambitious goal: creating the world’s fastest ice rink. This goal was achieved with flying colors during the ice speed-skating world championship 2011. Temme // Obermeier´s task consisted in coating the cullis with a PVC/PES membrane, installing pneumatic roof lights and designing the membrane of the inner silicone/glass suspended ceiling. The special characteristics of the design are: reflecting the cold, saving energy and providing for better acoustics. Temme // Obermeier succeeded in creating a unique combination of architectural esthetics and sustainable economics.