Trade fair Düsseldorf

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Trade fair Düsseldorf


Technical / General information:

Architect: slapa oberholz pszczulny | architekten
Main Contractor: Köster GmbH
Upper Membrane: PTFE Glass Fabric
Lower Membrane: PVC-PES Mesh
Size/sqm: 5.500
Completion: April 2020



Work is continuing on one of the most ambitious construction projects in the history of Fair Düsseldorf within the framework of the 2030 master plan to ensure future growth. The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and the construction work for the New South Exhibition Center continues despite the current situation. At the moment the last steps for the roof covering, which is already waiting for the installation of their light strips, are being done. At the same time, the finishing touches are being made to the hall and foyer, and the forecourt is still being given a real boost. Unfortunately, we still have to wait a bit until the fountain, flag sea and light banks have been installed, but we have a few new impressions of our construction site for you. The building works on the modern triangular shaped south entrance structure are on track to be finished on side by the end of April, 2020, no easy feat in the current situation.

Trade fair and congress visitors will be welcomed by an impressive translucent triangular shaped canopy against the backdrop of the Düsseldorf skyline. The 1,000-tonne steel roof forms a pointed triangle comprised of 90 rhomboidal diamond shaped elements designed to depict a honeycomb structure. The translucent canopy consists of a top layer of PTFE glass fabric and the bottom layer of PVC/PES mesh and will be illuminated by LED lights. The rhomboidal module frame system measuring approximately 44.5m diagonally and weighing approximately 80 tonnes were lifted onto the concrete columns.

The canopy will combine aesthetics and functionality, providing shade against rain and sun while the "soft" membranes guarantee optimal acoustics. These rhomboidal diamond shaped elements require precise detailing.