Open air stage Meppen

©: H.-W. Acquistapace, Architekt BDA

Open air stage Meppen

PTFE glass

Technical / General information:

Architect: Architekturbüro Dip.-Ing. H.-W. Acquistapace Architekt BDA
Main Contractor: Stadt Meppen
Membrane: PTFE/Glass
Main Contractor: Windhorst Stahl-& Metallbau GmbH
Completion: Summer 2020



The open-air stage Meppen located in the Esterfeld forest established in 1951 is frequented by up to 35,000 visitors per year. The success of the open-air stage can be attributed to the dedicated team of amateur actors, professional directors, theater professionals and volunteers.

Temme // Obermeier was appointed by the City of Meppen to complete detail design and install this striking "sculpted canopy" that will protect performers and spectators from the elements without distracting from the performance and still preserving the unique characteristics of this open-air stage. The canopy will combine aesthetics and functionality, providing shade against rain and sun while maintaining a clear view of the stage against the backdrop of the forest. The translucent Teflon®DuPont coated glass membrane (also known as PTFE/Glass) is "soft" guaranteeing optimal acoustics.

Textile membrane architecture is one of the most demanding forms of construction. Temme // Obermeier is fast becoming the go-to expert for these "fluid" free form lightweight structures and we listen to what the client wants. These structures require precise detailing and this Teflon®DuPont coated glass fabric material is sculpted perfectly. Another benefit associated with this type of design, is that the amount of material used is kept to a minimum. The canopy is braced with light steel cables that are tied to lightweight steel masts that are fixed to the concrete foundations. This clever textile design also incorporates a simple drainage system that encourages water runoff.

The original stage was carefully dismantled last after the final performance last year and the new canopy will be ready in time for the upcoming summer season, which can now be planned - independent of the weather!