Bus station Hamburg-Barmbek

Membrane canopy of inflated ETFE foil cushions

Technical / General information:

Membrane design: pneumatic ETFE roofing (two-ply)
Dimensions/sqm: North: 1.475 / South: 1.275
Architect: ap plan
Client: Hamburger Hochbahn AG
Membrane Assembly: North: October 2012 / South: August 2011



Canopy Bus Connecting Station Hamburg-Barmbek, bus stop North and South


Hamburg Barmbek’s central bus terminal is one of the largest bus hubs in Hamburg, counting 60.000 passengers per day. In order to make its appearance more attractive and comfortable, the whole station is currently under re-construction. Following the cities interest in achieving high architectural quality, new well designed canopies are being built on the north and the south side of the terminal.

According to the design of the architects and engineers ap’plan and formTL, Temme // Obermeier developed a membrane canopy which appears very gracile and at the same time, creates a secure atmosphere. The steel structure consists of columns built-in at a distance of 15 m, spreading in Y form and supporting a V form, buckled asymmetric steel lattice structure. Inflated ETFE foil cushions between the gutter, sub and edge beams of the steel structure, form the unique roof. In the evening and at night, this membrane canopy of inflated ETFE foil cushions emits a pleasant, non-dazzling light, as they are designed as luminous elements with fluorescent tubes. Additionally, a double row of the same lamps illuminates the sail roof from the outside and also lights the pavement with the waiting areas. The necessary equipment is not visible, as all electric cables as well as all other installations, such as air, rain water and sensor pipes were well integrated into the steel structure.