Schwabinger Tor, Munich

©Fischer und Kurzlechner Architekten

Schwabinger Tor, Munich

ETFE roof for tram stop

Technical / General information:

Membrane design: single layer ETFE foil roof, white
Architect: Fischer & Kurzlechner Architekt, Munich
Client: Jost Hurler Unternehmensgruppe
Membrane Assembly: November 2017



The "Schwabinger Tor" entry in Wikipedia is described as an area of approximately 4.2 hectares east of Leopoldstrasse and north of Johann-Fichte-Strasse, which in accordance to planning should be populated with new buildings by the end of 2017.

The entire area adopted a car-free concept and included a connection to a newly designed tram station named "Schwabinger Tor". 

Temme // Obermeier was awarded the contract for the 280 sqm ETFE foil roof. Since the tram service continued to operate, all work had to be planned and coordinated precisely under strict regulatory conditions. This combined with extremely tight time frames spurred the team of Temme // Obermeier into action. The end product is really quite impressive. The membrane roof at this tram station provides welcome weather protection for passengers all year round. This exquisite structure is on its way to becoming a landmark in this newly developed area.