St. Hedwig Cathedral, Berlin

ETFE foil dome Skylight

Technical / General information:

Membrane design: ETFE Foil Dome Skylight - the oculus
Dimensions/sqm: 25
Architect: Sichau & Walter, Fulda
Client: Archdiocese of Berlin, Berlin-Mitte
Membrane Completion: May 2023


Project Description

The historical St. Hedwig Cathedral in Berlin-Mitte is now home to a four-layer ETFE foil oculus that was designed and installed by Temme // Obermeier. The cathedral’s new oculus allows daylight to flood inside to the joy of churchgoers and visitors. The oculus provides a very special incidence of light around the baptismal font at certain times during the day and, seasons. We created a subtle seam pattern among the layers of ETFE foils to add more dimension to the oculus (see photo).

The installation of the ETFE oculus "hovering" above the cathedral being carefully hoisted into place was an impressive spectacle.

This is our second ETFE project that we have completed on behalf of the Catholic Church. We previously worked with the Archdiocese of Cologne on a large school project link.