Archdiocese, Cologne


Archdiocese, Cologne

ETFE foil cushion roof

Technical / general information:

Structure: ETFE-foil cushion-roof
Size /sqm: 900
Architects: 3pass Architekt/innen Stadtplaner/innen Kusch Mayerle BDA, Köln
Client: Katholisches Erzbistum Köln
Installation: August 2016

Project description

In the case of an atrium form such as the college of the Archdiocese of Cologne, the architect is often very close to the idea for an ETFE film cushion construction. In this project the client has shown the right hand with the selection of Temme // Obermeier.

The three-layer foil pad elements all have a different, curved and rotating shape. These special requirements could be not made from any other transparent material such as the ETFE foil. Paired with the abilities of the Temme // Obermeier team, a perfect symbiosis of the entire structure is the result.

A light print as well as the change between white and transparent elements allow a particularly nice transparency with a required low G value of less than 0.40.

It is also remarkable that the structure is very light at just 30 kg /sqm.