BP, Lingen

ETFE foil cushions as a pyramid

Technical / General information:

Membrane design: ETFE foil-cushion
Dimensions/sqm: 930
Architect: Bolles + Willson
Client: ARGE BP Lingen Leuchtturmprojekt
Membrane Completion: July / August 2018



BP Lingen's new administration and service centre has been given a pyramid - designed as an ETFE foil-cushion construction. Due to its dimensions alone; it has a height of approx. 17 m and an impressive base area of approx. 24 m x 17 m, it is an impressive large membrane masterpiece! In mid-July 2018, the 33-ton steel framework of the pyramid was lifted onto the BP administration building and immediately equipped with four ETFE side surfaces, which in turn consist of 60 triangular ETFE foil cushions.

With this pyramid (called “lighthouse”), the building complex received a unique, transparent and light-flooded atrium roof. The atrium below now has a special spatial experience due to the incident daylight, which not only makes the heart of an architect beat faster.

In future, the membrane dome will be illuminated in colour. The "luminous function" together with the pyramid shape will give the BP building complex special attention in the dark from a distance.