Georg Arnhold Pool, Dresden

ETFE-Foil cushion roof

Technical / general information

Structure: ETFE- Foil cushion roof  
Size / sqm: 1.400
Client: Dresdner Bäder GmbH
Assembly: November / December 2016

Project description

The Georg-Arnhold-Bad is not FEMALE, but at 22, one of the oldest ETFE film pillow roof constructions in Germany, so the term "old lady" seemed appropriate.

The Temme // Obermeier team was ordered to renovate the existing ETFE film cushion roof. Beside the partial replacement of some ETFE foil cushions this mainly included the replacement of the complete air supply system. This was highly recommended necessary due to the high chlorine-containing humidity prevailing in the bath and the extreme UV irradiation.

The highly experienced service and assembly team of Temme // Obermeier, in addition to the replacement of individual components, improved all connections, valves and lines, which are designed for UV and chlorine water resistance - and was able to complete the restoration on time despite winter conditions.