Membranes are generally very durable, however, local climate conditions, UV radiation and air pollution will impact on the longevity of the individual membranes. It is possible to exchange membranes at the end of their useful design phase of life. The membranes can be replaced in situ or at night to minimise disruption to the building occupants.

With careful planning, the building can operate as normal and exchanging the membranes is a relatively simple process. Temme // Obermeier can produce replacement membranes from as-built construction drawings or production drawings, if these are available in digital format. If these drawings are not available, we require a 3D scan of the geometry and this will act as the basis to create new production drawings. Alternatively, it is possible to conduct a survey of the existing structure to attain certainty.


Temme // Obermeier provides a comprehensive specialist survey of existing membrane projects that are reaching the end of their useful design phase. We determine the actual amount of membrane that needs to be replaced and whether it is possible to salvage some of the accessory components. We examine the entire installation including interviewing the building occupants to get their impressions of the space. We also examine the secondary supporting structure to determine what remedial work, if any, needs to be carried out. We draw up a proposed programme schedule to determine the best practice methodology covering what parts need to be remade, what parts can be salvaged, serviced or upgraded. We also examine whether additional rust protection needs to be applied to the steel components and cables.

Assuming all approvals are in place when we take over possession of the sites, Temme // Obermeier replaces the membrane directly after the old membrane is removed – ensuring a seamless completion of the project with minimal disruption to the building.