Cable car Olang, Kronplatz, Italy

Single layer ETFE with support cables

Technical / General information:

Architect: studio schlotthauer matthiessen Architekten
Main Contractor:  Olanger Seilbahnen AG, IT-Bruneck
Steel Contractor: IN-Metall S.r.L.
Membrane: Single layer ETFE with Support cables
Size: 3.500 sqm
Completion: Late Autumn 2020



Aiming high: Temme // Obermeier (T//O) is contracted to build a new cable car "network" in the famous Kronplatz.

  • All three station buildings and gondola magazine to be fitted with ETFE technology from T//O
  • Wave shaped roofs made of ETFE film are reminiscent of the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie
  • Commissioning planned for the 2020/21 ski season.

Temme // Obermeier has been awarded the contract to build the new "Olang I+II" cable car in the South Tirol Kronplatz ski area including the three roofs of the stations located at the valley, middle and mountain peak as well as the roof of the gondola magazine. Construction will start in spring 2020 and is expected to be finished in time for the start of the 2020/21 ski season.

The leading Hamburg based architectural firm studio schlotthauer matthiessen has chosen wave shaped roofs that creates Hanseatic harbor atmosphere against the impressive backdrop of the South Tirol mountains. ETFE is the perfect Membrane material for this project as it can be "patterned" to withstand construction company IN-Metall is renowned for providing high Quality steel and they were the obvious partner on this project as the wave shaped roof requires exceptional detailing of the steelwork supporting structures.

Interesting, each of the roof structures that T//O will install are structurally independent of the actual cable car equipment and the ETFE will be supported by beautiful slats made of aluminum and steel that "rest" on self-supporting reinforced concrete columns. The rotating equipment can "vibrate" freely and any noise gen- erated in the building will not reverberate against hard surface and - and passengers will be able to enjoy the technology of the rotating equipment in action - and comfort.

For this purpose, a transparent, dome-like roof construction is surrounding the machinery at each station. T//O will provide a bespoke ETFE system which ensures sufficient daylight without glare.

T//O will also provide a pre-stressed single layer ETFE membrane solution to the new home of the gondola magazine, which is being moved from the valley to the middle station. The single layer of ETFE foil will be detailed with a series of snow cables placed at regular intervals that are able to absorb typical local snow loads.

The undertaking of the massive construction project at Kronplatz is a strong indication of the investment in the future of skiing in South Tyrol and to the local community and we are very proud to be able to contribute our experience and know-how to this project.