Prienavera adventure pool, Prien

Roof made of ETFE skins

Technical / General information:

Membrane design: ETFE roof, pneumatic, three-ply + 4th inner ply
Dimensions / sqm: 1.800
Architect: LEICHT
Client: Community of Prien
Membrane Assembly: June 2011


The adventure pool directly situated at the lake Chiemsee is Prien’s most popular leisure attraction. Temme // Obermeier were commissioned to renovate the roof-support structure. They covered the main roof with ETFE skins and used single-ply ETFE foil for the canopy. The optical appeal of the roof is due to its shape, which resembles an organic shell. The roof made of ETFE skins is especially appealing at night when the LED lights spectacularly illuminate the shell in a multi-faceted play of lights and colors. These impressive light effects can be followed in an especially impressive way from the adventure and outdoor pool.