Ice sports arena, Landsberg/Lech

PVC/PES with Low-E suspended ceiling

Technical / General information:

Membrane design: Suspended ceiling (PES membrane: PVC-coated upper side, Low E coated back)
Dimensions / sqm: 1.900
Architect: City of Landsberg am Lech
Client: City of Landsberg am Lech
Membrane Assembly: August 2011


In the renovation of the ice-sports arena of Landsberg am Lech, not only were optical accents important, but also safety above all else. Special focus was laid on the arena’s climate. Temme // Obermeier therefore relied on the revolutionary Low E coating technology for membranes. One advantage of this coating is its ability to reflect the cold. Thus, the costs for the ice production can be considerably reduced compared to the former design. Temme // Obermeiers PVC/PEY with Low-E suspended ceiling is regarded as pioneering in this field of membrane building.