Magdalenenplatz, Plattling

PTFE/glass membrane roof

Technical / General information:

Membrane design: PTFE/Glass
Dimensions / sqm: 790
Architect: -
Client: Stadt Plattling
Membrane Assembly: September 2015


The former area of an industrial company in the city centre of Plattling has been used for years as a parking lot, it should henceforward obtain an upgrading for the various events in the city.

In addition to a shopping centre, the part of the area next to the Magdalenenkirche (church of St. Magdalena) received a PTFE/glass membrane roof which due to its form and optical lightness, preserves the open character of the refurbished square, taking away at the same time the weather imponderables during events. A curved roof creates a feeling of space and allows important views to the periphery of the city centre.

Temme // Obermeier was responsible for the design, fabrication and installation of the roof membrane, as subcontractor to a local steel work partner.