Train station Rosenheim

PTFE/glass arch-supported roof

Technical / General information:

Membrane design: Arch-supported roof, PTFE glass
Dimensions/sqm: 648
Architect: Werkgemeinschaft Rosenheim
Client: City of Rosenheim
Membrane Assembly: November 2010



The train station of Rosenheim is the largest station between Munich, Salzburg and Innsbruck. On the occasion of its renovation for the Landesgartenschau (State Horticultural Show) in 2010 Temme // Obermeier created a perfectly shaped PTFE/glass arch-supported roof. Its primary structure consists of a hybrid frame design. Its edge girders are designed as all-steel frames suspended and braced by a rope system. The design not only meets the demand for modernity, but also sets new esthetic standards. In addition, it provides for a well-planned water runoff and reduces the danger of roof avalanches.