International bus terminal Bremen

PTFE funnel screen construction

Technical / General information:

Membrane design: Funnel screen construction incl. supporting structure
Dimensions/sqm: 2,200
Planner: Knerer Lang Architekten mit Atelier Schmelzer Weber
Client: Amt für Straßen und Verkehr Bremen
Membrane Completion: May 2023


Project Description

Temme // Obermeier installed 22 PTFE glass fabric umbrellas covering almost 2,200sqm at the international bus terminal in Bremen. This popular design is now a familiar sight in many cities as in addition to being architecturally appealing, it is incredibly durable and timeless. The new umbrellas fit seamlessly against the backdrop of the urban environment while also being instantly recognizable and impossible to overlook.

This waiting area was commissioned by the Bremen Transport Authority to offer travelers protection from rain and wind, and will no doubt become a welcome feature for tourists and fans of textile architecture alike!