adidas Laces, Herzogenaurach

Pneumatisches Dach aus ETFE-Folie

adidas Laces, Herzogenaurach

Pneumatic roof made from ETFE foil

Technical / General information: 

Membrane design: ETFE roof, pneumatic, three-ply
Dimensions/sqm: 5.000
Architect: kadawittfeldarchitektur
Client: adidas AG
Membrane Assembly: June 2010



The adidas AG is one of the best known sporting goods manufacturers in the world. In the city of Herzogenaurach - the location of the company’s headquarter - the largest of the corporate buildings was built: adidas "Laces". Architecturally it refers not only to the sporting background of the company but also to the connecting bridges of the atrium which are looking like the laces of shoes. This interior is the communicative heart of the building. Temme // Obermeier realized the atrium roof: Five pillows fields with a total of 82 cushion elements have been constructed and combined together to complete pneumatic ETFE cushion roof. Technical highlight: Each cushion has its individual geometry that is defined by the supporting steel arches and the edge trusses.