Groz Beckert, Albstadt

Main and secondary roof of PTFE/glass and ETFE foil

Technical / General information:

Membrane design: PTFE/glass
Dimensions / sqm: upper and lower layer 1.020 sqm / secondary roof 200 sqm
Architect: HENN Architekten
Client: Groz Beckert KG
Membrane Assembly: August 2015 main roof / August 2015 secondary roof


The company Groz-Beckert KG is world-wide leading in the production of precision tools and systems for the manufacture and assembling of textiles. So what could be more obvious than to cover the warehouse on the factory premises in Albstadt with a textile roof. Henn Architekten based in Munich designed the project with ca. 1.020 m² membrane surface area of high-tensile and durable PTFE-coated glass fibre fabric and another 200 m² transparent elements, built with mechanically pre-stressed, one-layer ETFE foil.

The decision for a membrane roof by Temme // Obermeier not only emphasizes the range of application of Groz-Beckert products, but also offers concrete advantages: transparency, longevity and a light structure with large spans between the pillars are important for the functionality of the warehouse underneath the roof.

The lower level of the roof construction was covered with a PTFE/glass mesh fabric, thus realizing a more beautiful closure level.

With this project, HENN Architekten continued the well-proven cooperation with Temme // Obermeier in the design and the execution of membrane projects.