Four point sail made of PTFE/glass fabric

Technical / Gemeral information:

Membrane design: Sail, PTFE/Glass
Dimensions / sqm: 70
Architect: Zeller & Romstätter
Client: Municipality of Chieming
Membrane Assembly: June 2012


Meeting Place Chieming Markstatt

Places for rest and interaction which are open to everyone, are important community places. In 2011 such a “meeting place” has been formed in Chieming, a tourism oriented village at the scenic Chiemsee lake. From there, you can enjoy the view of either the close-by lake Chiemsee or the historic building of the former presbytery. Just in time for the summer of 2012, Temme // Obermeier realized a translucent shade sail made of PTFE/glass fabric according to the design of Zeller & Romstätter Architects. This sail with its elegantly curved form stretches over a small paved area. Thus on the one hand, people are protected from summer sun, on the other hand it is an eye-catcher drawing attention to the new place.

Temme // Obermeier chose PTFE/glass fabric for the translucent sail, as this material has numerous advantages. The translucent shade sail made of PTFE/glass fabric is particularly resistant to weather and UV light, very durable and self-cleaning. Thus the surface which is visible at eye level, remains clean over a long period of time. At night the computer controlled LED-lights installed at the steel columns create an amazing scenery of light and shadow.