Bus station Hamburg-Poppenbüttel

ETFE membrane roof

Technical / General information:

Membrane design: ETFE roofing, single-ply
Dimensions/sqm: 1.000
Architect: Blunck + Morgen
Client: Hamburger Hochbahn AG
Membrane Assembly: December 2008



A station that is more than a simple waiting area – this was the challenge to meet when building the bus station of Hamburg-Poppenbüttel. Temme // Obermeier coped with this challenge by designing a solution that provides two main building components: a closed wing roof and a transparent ETFE membrane roof. With the wing roof they created a sculpture that seems to float in the air and that stands for both lightness and elegance. The light membrane roof remains unobtrusive and thus provides expansiveness, openness and visibility. This unique design gives the building a high recognition value.