Jungle house Munich

ETFE foil-roof

Technical / General information:

Membrane design: ETFE foil-roof - renovation
Dimensions/sqm: 1,000
Planner: Leicht France SAS
Client: Münchener Tierpark Hellabrunn AG
Membrane Completion: October 2022


Project Description

The refurbishment of the ETFE roof of the Jungle house (Urwaldhaus) in Munich has been completed. A four-layer, transparent ETFE foil cushion roof with enhanced sun protection has been successfully retrofitted onto the existing structure. We used low-noise tools and worked to a strict time schedule so as not to agitate or disturb the animals during the installation period.

The upgrading of the existing supporting structure required attention and we needed to ensure that any modifications required to attach the new replacement foil cushions were not noticeable.

The great apes and orangutans can enjoy their jungle playground again under the upgraded daylight-flooded roof!