Timisoara Shopping Mall, Romania

ETFE foil cushions with timber supporting structure

Technical / General information:

Membrane design: ETFE foil cushion roof on wooden support structure
Dimensions/sqm: 2,300 
Architect: Dipl.-Arch. Mihai Lucian Berceanu
Client: PAB Romania, Arad, RO
Main Contractor: NEPI 5 Property Development Srl., Bukarest, RO
Membrane Completion: October 2015



Temme // Obermeier was contracted to design and install this elegant three-layer ETFE atrium roof at Timisoara Shopping Mall in Romania. The twenty-one ETFE foil cushions cover 2,300 sqm and look great against the wooden supporting structure. By applying a delicate silver pattern to two layers of film and our T // O SunShade® coating to the top layer of foil, we were able to mitigate against strong incidence of sunlight.

We invite you to take a look for yourself and enjoy the ultimate shopping experience under this elegant atrium roof!