Promenada Mall Craiova, Romania

ETFE foil cushion

Technical / General information:

Membrane design: ETFE foil cushion
Dimensions/sqm: 1,000
Planner: HB-Design-Team Architectura, Bucharest
Client: General Building Management SRL, Bucharest
Membrane Completion: May 2023


Project Description

Temme Obermeier recently installed secondary support steelwork structure and three large ETFE skylights also called “luminators” at The Promenada Mall in Craiova, Romania.

Transparent and white strips of ETFE foil are arranged alternately in each foil cushion. These five-layer ETFE roofs were especially designed for the shopping mall to create a vibrant atmosphere. The white ETFE offers enhanced protection against solar gain, yet the skylights appear very light and airy.

This ETFE foil cushion construction guarantees excellent U-values to improve thermal insulation. The combination of white and transparent foils (which incorporate a subtle print pattern) optimize the g-value to offer enhanced protection against solar gain during the summer months. The excellent recyclability of the ETFE roof system from Temme Obermeier and the lightweight secondary support structure assisted the client’s bid to obtain the coveted BREEAM certification for sustainability.

We are proud of these skylights knowing that visitors to the shopping mall will feel comfortable in the light-flooded mall and will enjoy an elevated shopping experience.