Tropical Hall, Münster

ETFE foil cushion, elliptical dome roof

Technical / General information:

Membrane design: ETFE foil cushion, elliptical dome roof
Dimensions/sqm: 2,500
Planner: BAnTec GmbH
Client: Westfälischer Zoologischer Garten Münster GmbH "Allwetterzoo Münster"
Membrane Assembly: May 2023



The approximately 2,500sqm roof was built by Temme // Obermeier in just nine months. The scope of services included the structural supporting structure for the elliptical domed roof with its three layer ETFE foil cushions cladding.

The "exo" structure design demanded specialist detailing of the connections and created an architectural structure that is both appealing from the inside and outside. Animals and plants benefit from an unobstructed light flooded interior. Sun protection was achieved by printing a subtle pattern of ink onto the ETFE film.

The team at Temme // Obermeier is proud to have been involved in this exciting membrane project.