Hangars 3+4, Airport Munich

Arch-supported PVC-PES roof

Technical / General information: 

Membrane design: Arch-supported roof, PVC/PES
Dimensions/sqm: 800
Architect: CL-MAP GmbH
Client: Flughafen München GmbH
Membrane Assembly: August 2011



The Munich airport is one of the largest European hubs. Temme // Obermeier created the roof of the access to hangars 3 and 4. Temme // Obermeier created an arch-supported PVC-PES roof. This roofing excels due to its sophisticated design and the lightness of its architecture. Here, Temme // Obermeier used a modular steel support structure that can be expanded if necessary. Steel supports were placed in existing on-site separate foundations equipped with crescent-shaped truss girders. PVC/PES membrane fields were stretched between them, serving as roof covering.