Shopping Mall Belgrade Waterfront

Breathtaking domed "Kupola" - a fitting centrepiece to the BW Galerija!

Temme // Obermeier has just finished installing the last of the four layer ETFE foil cushions to the beautiful transparent domed "Kupola" of the BW Galerija Shopping Mall at Belgrade Waterfront. The "Kupola", with an impressive diameter measuring 46 meters consists of 55 individual cushions, sits majestically above the main entrance to the shopping center. The carefully detailed lightweight design of the "Kupola" showcases the enviable properties of ETFE membranes; such as exciting aesthetics and forms. The domed "Kupola" perfectly complements this partnership where the atrium was designed by Architekten and successfully installed by Temme // Obermeier.
Temme // Obermeier is entering the final stages of installation of the ETFE foil cushions roofs bringing it to a total of seven seperate roofs.