ETFE - Lister Dreieck, Hannover – shaping the future of office buildings

The Lister Dreieck office building is shaping the future in Hannovers's Downtown.

The Lister Dreieck (Triangle) office building is located near the main train station in the middle of Hannover. The triangular shape of the site dictated the shape of the office building that has already been snapped up by Deutsche Bahn.

After the initially draft from the architects Hasher Jehle, the architects Rohde, Kellermann and Wawrowsky (RKW) designed a central triangular atrium that opens up all functional areas and serves as a communication hub. The site development incorporates a series of bridges bridges that are suspended from the secondary supporting steelwork structure of the atrium roof. The steel structure divides the roof of the atrium into four triangular sections. The atrium roof is designed as a lightweight ETFE foil cushion system consisting of one layer of printed foil and two layers of transparent foil. In July 2017, Hochtief awarded the prestiguous order for the ETFE foil cushion roof and load-bearing structure to Temme // Obermeier. The completion of the atrium roof is scheduled for May / June 2018.