New EU Data Protection Guidelines

Temme // Obermeier has adapted its data protection declaration to the new EU regulations.

event on design of roofs and façades with ETFE foil

Improve your knowledge at the Akademisk Arkitektforening in Denmark

15 m Pyramid in Lower Saxony

An exciting new administrative, laboratory and fire brigade buildingwith a pyramid-shaped ETFE dome structure measuring 15 meters is to be built.

Lister Dreieck, Hannover – Starting signal for installation

The team at Temme // Obermeier is patiently waiting to start.

10 years Temme // Obermeier GmbH

Team of Temme//Obermeier climbs the mountain "Kampenwand"!

Award for Lilienthalhaus Braunschweig

The seamless integration of the foil cushion atrium convince the judges of the AGV Braunschweig competition.

ETFE - Lister Dreieck, Hannover – shaping the future of office buildings

The Lister Dreieck office building is shaping the future in Hannovers's Downtown.

ETFE foil façade Mall of Switzerland, Ebikon / Switzerland – in a word, Wow!

The on-site installation is complete and the time keeping schedule is perfect resulting in a brilliant performance from Temme // Obermeier.

The ETFE roof refurbishment at Georg-Arnold-Bad, Dresden has been completed!

Temme // Obermeier completed the stunning refurbishment of the ETFE foil cushion roof of Georg-Arnold swimming pool.

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