Tradition, Tradition

Temme // Obermeier celebrates its 11th anniversary this year.

Stücki-Area in Basel gets a new Headquarter

The next order for a bespoke modular PVC / PES system has already been signed.

Löwentor will be replicated as an almost modular system

Temme // Obermeier is going fromstrength to strength!

Another TO project receives award

Het-Gelder-Huis is the winner of the Dutch Steel Construction Prize 2018

New roof for Congress and Exhibition Center Innsbruck

The old membrane roof was in need of total refurbishment and was completely refurbished by Temme // Obermeier.

PTFE-coated glass fiber fabric for Messe Düsseldorf

5,500 m² of PTFE-coated glass fiber fabric for the forecourt of Messe Düsseldorf.

Assembly of the ETFE foil cushion pyramid completed!

Temme // Obermeier was chosen to design and install the unique pyramid.

Lister Dreieck project is progressing nicely!

The construction phase of the atrium roof of the Lister Dreieck project is progressing nicely!

Recognition award from German Engineering Awards 2018

Temme // Obermeier project receives recognition award from the prestigious German Engineering Awards 2018 (Deutschen Ingenieurbaupreis 2018)!

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