Temme Obermeier GmbH
Rosenheimer Str. 44
D-83064 Raubling
Tel.: +49 (80 35) 9 50 85-20
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New address from Feb. 13th 2017:
Dr.-Steinbeisser-Strasse 7
D-83026 Rosenheim
Phone: +49 (8031) 796 78-10
Fax: +49 (8031) 796 78-59

Managing Directors: Dr. Axel Dölle and Hans-Dieter Lochmann
Jurisdiction: Traunstein, HRB 17966
VAT Reg. No.: DE257780262


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New address from Feb. 13th 2017

Dr.-Steinbeisser-Strasse 7
D-83026 Rosenheim
Phone: +49 (8031) 796 78-10
Fax: +49 (8031) 796 78-59

  • Fritz-Lipmann-Institute, Jena – translucent facade made ​​of PTFE glass...
    The new building of the Leibniz Institute for Age Research - the Fritz Lipmann Institute eV (FLI) in Beutenberg camp in Jena -  fits with its design in the existing location. The new building inc... en/projects/fritz-lipmann-institut-jena-ptfe-glas-als-offenporiges-gittergewebe
  • Bus Station Hamburg-Barmbek – Membrane canopy of inflated ETFE foil cushions
    Canopy Bus Connecting Station Hamburg-Barmbek, bus stop North and South   Hamburg Barmbek’s central bus terminal is one of the largest bus hubs in Hamburg, counting 60.000 passengers per day. I... en/projects/busbahnhof-hamburg-barmbek-pneumatische-etfe-kissenkonstruktion
  • adidas Laces, Herzogenaurach – pneumatic roof made from ETFE foil
    The adidas AG is one of the best known sporting goods manufacturers in the world. In the city of Herzogenaurach - the location of the company’s headquarter - the largest of the corporate buildings w... en/projects/adidas-laces-herzogenaurach-pneumatisches-dach-aus-etfe-folie
  • Bus station, Königsbrunn – PVC-coated polyester membrane roof
    The impressive PVC-coated polyester membrane roof construction of the central bus station in Königsbrunn immediately catches the traveler’s eye. Temme Obermeier created the roof, which is composed ... en/projects/busbahnhof-koenigsbrunn-bogendach-aus-pvc-pes