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Main Station Graz

It’s time now – the third and last part of the installation of the railway station Graz has been started last Monday. Our installation team will finish the mounting of the last membrane made of TENARA – the actual highest quality architectural membrane – within nearly one week. After Salzburg, Rosenheim, Koenigsbrunn and Chemnitz T//O will have finished successfully the fifth station building.

The travelers will then start or finish their journey protected by a high translucent roof. As soon all is finished we will report in detail.

SCA Shopping Centre Alpenstreet in Salzburg Austria

The latest Institute Building on Jena’s Science campus represents another Landmark of outstanding architectural design with its remarkable bright facade appearance. The suspended PTFE/glass mesh facade does allow a maximum natural lighting inwards whereas the view from the outside is reduced to a minimum, during daylight hours.  The high esthetic requirements defined by the Architects did force Temme Obermeier to develop a completely new facade framing system. This system provides a homogenous surface with minimized gaps between the frames. Integrated springs keep the tension of the fabric on a constant required level throughout the different temperature conditions of the year.