Temme // Obermeier works closely with our steelwork and laminated timber partners and our glazing façade partners to create mutually beneficial long-term partnerships and successfully deliver projects. We understand how tempting it can be to take what appears to be the cheapest and fastest route to meet building performance requirements. But we also know that the cheapest and fastest route will not always deliver the best results. Talk to us about how we can achieve the following:

  • Successful delivery of projects in partnership with our clients
  • Cost consciousness
  • Efficiency and innovation
  • Professional design and delivery schedules
  • Focused interface design.

With Temme // Obermeier, you will find a reliable and experienced solution-oriented partner. We also provide precise and practical information on load-bearing structures and membrane coverings from design through to planning and completion. We have vast experience in designing the interfaces between the associated trades. Close cooperation during the planning stage ensures a smooth transition to the production and installation. Contact us so that we can jointly realize these exciting projects!