Sedus Stoll AG, Dogern

Silicone/Glass Fabric Facade

Technische / allgemeine Informationen:

Membrane design: Facade, silicone//glass
Dimensions/sqm: 1,100
Architect: Ludloff + Ludloff
Client: Sedus Stoll AG, Waldshut
Membrane Assembly: June 2009


Fabrics are one of the leading components of modern architecture. When creating the research and development center of Sedus Stoll AG. Temme // Obermeier set new standards for working with textile materials in the construction of facades. Temme // Obermeier developed a silicone glass fabric facade. They used silicone glass fabrics with optimum characteristics: The fabrics provide protection from ultraviolet radiation, wind and rain. They are water-repellent and soil-resistant and perfectly ventilate the special facade coating of Stamisol underneath. Specially for this project Temme Obermeier developed a pragmatic facade system that stands for innovation, research and development – and fits in perfectly with the building.