Het Gelders Huis, Arnhem, Netherlands

©: Fotografie Gerard Burgers

Het Gelders Huis, Arnhem, Netherlands

ETFE foil cushion roof

Technical / general information:

Structure: ETFE- foil cushion-roof 
Size /sqm: 1.100
Architects: Team V, Rotterdam, NL
Client: Fa. Visser & Smit Bouw, Volker Wessels Group
Assembly: from August to November 2016


What do you do if an existing building can’t actually carry the loads of a transparent roof over a courtyard? Best of all: order the team of Temme // Obermeier!

A separately planned and built-in steel frame with a weight of more than 45 t (therefore more than 50% of the whole steel structure) in the floor below the roof level allowed the installation of a 2-layer cable support. Still level lower, inclined flying columns were fixed in this cable net. The actual support structure for receiving the ETFE foil cushions was placed thereon. All this was successfully planned and realized by the Temme // Obermeier team together with IF Group.

In addition a circulating gutter decoupled from the roof level was installed. Now only small horizontal forces would affect the existing building of the provincial government of Gelderland.

The building was completed by a sun protection. To ensure this, an IR-reducing ETFE foil was installed by Temme // Obermeier. This film appears gray-bluish, hardly changing the color perception but giving a slight darkening.

Projectbrochure: link

This project won the Dutch Steel award 2018 in the category E "characteristic steel construction". link