Students visit BW Belgrade Waterfront construction site

Successful excursion

Temme // Obermeier invited almost 200 students from the Faculty of Architecture (Belgrade University) to an informative "live demonstration" into "ETFE membrane construction" at BW Belgrade Waterfront.

The construction site of BW Belgrade Waterfront, currently the largest ETFE project in Europe, proved the perfect backdrop to discuss the merits of ETFE membranes on such a high profile project. Our Sales Director, Dirk P. Emmer, explained to the eager students how ETFE membranes play a huge role in the overall success of this project. Every aspect of this project from design concept to planning, to optimizing solar shading and thermal performance through to the fast paced installation on site benefits massively from the selection of ETFE foils. The students were thrilled to visit such a vast building site and learning firsthand about ETFE membrane materials from one of Temme // Obermeier´s resident experts.

When complete, BW Belgrade Waterfront with its light-filled "shopping streets" will be one of the largest malls in Europe, surrounded by hotels and restaurants - making it one of the most exclusive neighbourshoods in Belgrade.