Helaba office, Offenbach

Final installation on-site

The installation is in the final stages - the ETFE membrane roof in Offenbach is almost complete. The natural daylight flooding into the atrium through the ETFE foil cushions already gives you of how translucent these foils are. The integrated variable shading option means that the building occupants can reduce solar gain during hot summer days. Other very real benefits of the natural daylight entering the building include reducing the energy bills associated with the cost of artificial lighting - and no doubt improving the mood of the occupants who can enjoy an outdoorsy feeling from the comfort of their building. The main foyer and reception area spanning 1,000 m² are located in the atrium area. It is designed to be the "heart" of the Helaba office complex where employees and guests will convene. The team at Temme // Obermeier are extremely proud of this elegant project!