SOS KINDERDORF Hotel School in Berlin

It's done – the installation of one of the most demanding façade projects from Temme // Obermeier has been completed.

The 3,000 square meter facade consists of more than 100 elements, of which a large portion is moveable so that the residents can see outside without sunscreen. Even fully the PTFE/glass fiber mesh also allows the view to the outside. Temme // Obermeier was not only responsible for the fabric, but also for the development of ultra-narrow frame with the clamping elements. As well the development and  building of the moving technology with the tracks was in the scope of Temme // Obermeier. In cooperation with Rubner Holzbau  that built the entire timber structure and the larch façade, a unique project was created. Now only the membrane will bleach and the facade presents itself in perfect white.